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  • The next edition of the church newsletter has been delayed until further notice. Important information will be posted online and will be shared with members via phone and/or mail. We encourage you to share information found on the website and Facebook page with those who are not able to access them. Thank you for your assistance.


  • While we are not able to join together for Worship, please know that we are regularly stopping by the church and making sure the building is secure and that everything is running smoothly. Regular cleaning and maintenance is also taking place to ensure that once the stay at home order is lifted, we will be ready to come back together here at Bethany. The mail is also being checked and all bills and deposits are being taken care of. We look forward to seeing you soon. Keep praying for each other and stay safe!

  • Weekly flowers and bulletin sponsorships are available for 2020. The cost of flowers is tentatively set for $24 per week and the cost to sponsor the bulletin for a week is $10 ($6 if sponsoring the flowers in the same week. For more information, or to sign up, see the back bulletin board at the church or click the link on the home page.


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